GOGO Lead Tech AB (publ) (“GOGO or the company”) is an acquisition-focused company with a focus on lead generation and digital products. GOGO’s strategy is to grow through acquisitions of companies and brands as well as the development of existing platforms. GOGO’s goal is to build a broad and diversified portfolio of assets.

GOGO currently conducts lead generation in Web Hosting, IT, performance-based online marketing through social media and iGaming.

A lead is a potential customer generated through various channels and technologies. Lead generation means the process of attracting and converting people into potential or actual customers.

GOGO was founded in 2016 under other auspices and in connection with GOGO’s acquisition of OGI in January 2019, the business was changed to only be active in lead generation. The company operates in Sweden and operates on a global basis through its platforms. Through these, GOGO attracts leads worldwide to its customers.

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